Friday, June 19, 2009

Living With The Dead - Documentary on the Life of an Aghori Sadhu

A few months ago, I was browsing the internet when I came across a video on Youtube. It was about Aghori sadhus. No, don’t think that they are only associated with all things scary and cannibalistic. This video was a documentary on Ram Nath, an Aghori. Men like Ram Nath, live on the Hindu cremation grounds, eating their own excreta and the burnt flesh of corpses. They believe that by polluting themselves they will destroy their egos and become purified. It feels repulsive just thinking of it right. But wait before you can jump into conclusions, watch these videos below. Once you are done with it read on.

So guys, did you like it? Well I have watched this many times and believe me every time I watch it I feel rejuvenated with life. When I listen to Ram Nathji calling the name of lord (Alak), I feel as if transported to a mystic world. It makes be believe that there is more to life than just surviving it. The need to learn certain good principles and following it becomes the utmost thing for any living creature. It’s about defeating one’s ahamkara, and getting to understand the universal truth that there is nothing one can take after one’s death except for the good deeds or lessons he has learnt.

This amazing documentary called "Living with the Dead", was shot by two brothers, Naresh Bedi and Rajesh Bedi and released to audiences in the UK and USA in 1995. They were telecast on BBC-2 (whose Multicultural Programmes Department financed the project) from London and the Discovery Channel in USA.

The following is an excerpt from an article on Hinduism Today

The Aghori called Ram Nath provided the film-makers rare moments to recall. States Naresh, "Wading through icy cold waters in Haridwar's winter, cold beyond imagining, Rajesh would stand knee-deep, rolling his camera to catch the Aghori in a moment of midnight meditation in front of the burning pyres. The stench of dead corpses and burnt flesh is more than what was bargained for."

According to Naresh, the most difficult thing was convincing the reclusive Aghori sadhu to permit his life to be filmed. "It is tough because these sadhus just do not care. You can't offer money, and you can't say 'Maharaj ji, do this for me.' "

When asked to narrate some of the spiritual experiences during the filming, a smiling Naresh said, "We all hear about ghosts, witches, spirits and so on. But at the end of filming of Ram Nath at least I was convinced that there are some kind of supernatural powers or wandering spirits which somehow these gurus can tackle, by which I mean they can release a person from the clutches of spirits. For instance, while we were filming, a girl came who was highly possessed by some evil spirit; she was screaming and shouting and talking. Ram Nath tackled this spirit, and when it was all over, the girl was absolutely normal. She was an educated girl from a fairly well to do family of Delhi. You cannot brush off all this as some meaningless kind of show."

My thanks to Rajesh and Naresh Bedi for such an awesome documentary.

I would rate this video 10/10.

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